How I got into this! It never ceases to amaze me how many people have never even heard of a Chinchilla! Even when I was a small child, many years ago, I knew what a Chinchilla was. Several years ago I saw the pet segment of Martha Stewart's show. It wasn't even specifically about Chinchillas, but there were a few running around on a table with a variety of other animals. Seeing them stirred my interest again and I immediately started doing some research on them. When I found that they were bred in many mutation colors, I was hooked. My interest in color genetics of Paint Horses let to my interest in the genetics of the mutation colors of chins.




A little about my chins: All my chins are bred in pairs or trios. They are not in runs and the females do not wear collars. My cages are tall and wide, as much for me as the chins! I like to be able to see them and enjoy them rather than squinting to see into the back of a dark, small run cage. The cages are equipped with wood shelves which serve a dual purpose of places to run and jump around, and more things to chew on! I have no wire shelves, ramps or cage bottoms. I do not use wheels as I think my cages are large enough to provide plenty of exercise and the cost of 30 wheels would not be justified! I purchase my chins from several different sources. Some of them are "show quality" and some are not. All of them are healthy, beautiful, have sweet temperaments, and are handled regularly. After breeding show horses for over 20 years we have found that not everyone is looking for a show quality animal. Many people are just looking for a nice pet to enjoy. I believe this is true with chinchillas also. I have noticed that many breeders insist that their chins are large and blocky and they would not consider breeding an animal that is not show quality. I cannot justify charging a customer a lot of money for a "show quality" animal that they never intend to show, so I offer both show and pet quality. This is just my philosophy as I have found that there are lots of people out there who just want a nice pet to enjoy. And I think chinchillas are one of the nicest pets you can have! Over the years I have probably owned pretty much every pet out there and I think chins are the greatest! OK, I live in California and ferrets, sugar gliders and some other exotics are not legal, so I can't speak about them! I do know chins do not have the smelly poop or scent glands that some of the other exotics have, so for me that is a huge plus!!



Care: Chinchillas are probably one of the easiest animals to care for and once you have made the initial purchase of the animal(s) and caging, they are quite inexpensive to keep. They also live a very long time. I will not spend considerable time and space here to just repeat what is on many, many web pages. There is a wealth of information on the web so rather than go into all the background, care instructions and information about chinchillas, I will just refer you to one of the best sources for information: The Chinchilla Club. Just click the logo at the bottom of the page for direct access to the club.

Sales: I raise all the mutation colors with the exception of sapphire. I usually have between 10-20 animals available for sale at any given time. Because availability changes constantly I am not going to make my webmaster make changes to a list every week!! I am sure she is grateful for that! Just e-mail me at the link below and I will e-mail you back the current list. If there is something you are interested in, I will e-mail a picture and more information on the animal. My chinchillas are priced between $75. and $200. generally. Occasionally I will have an animal priced higher but I try to stay reasonable in my prices.

Thanks for your interest in my chinchillas. If I can answer any questions you have, please e-mail me.


Lincoln, California
(near Sacramento)



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